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Precision Innovations Corp

Family at home


Our mission is to help as many families truly enjoy their homes through our home improvement services. We're in this business to help people and build relationships, and we love every second of it.

We understand that home maintenance as well as renovation projects are often time consuming, costly, and difficult to manage for the homeowner.


So we've made it our mission to not only bring your bathroom remodel ideas to life, but also make your lives as easy as possible with our Protective Home Maintenance.

Family Room with Fireplace


Precision Innovations Corp started over a decade ago with a vision of bringing affordable home maintenance to every home on Long Island. 

Originally formed as 'Odds & Ends', we started with the small projects in your homes. Eventually, we branched into bathroom remodels.

Now we specialize in bringing a much higher level of satisfaction to you, with the two services most requested, our Protective Home Maintenance and Bathroom Renovations.

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