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Beautiful Ensuite Master Bathroom in New Luxury Home. Features Elegant Countertop, Bathtub

Our Work

Everyone wants to make sure that the contractor they're interested in hiring is going to do a job above and beyond their satisfaction. Below are a few of our recent projects. We update this page frequently, check back from time to time to see what we've been up to lately!



Bathroom (Huntington, NY)

This client had recently moved into the home. With the housing market being a bit hectic, funds were tight, and we were asked to provide the most cost effective bathroom we could. The cost was kept down, but the quality is top notch as always. With a wide variety of options for tile and fixtures through our trusted suppliers, we're able to provide quality service for any budget.


Floor/Ceiling/Mold Remediation (Port Jefferson, NY)

Our client on this project was forced to go through insurance. We were able to get funds cleared for a full floor and ceiling rip-out, as well as a full mold remediation. We replaced the flooring and ceiling, treated the mold everywhere on the 1st floor, put new LVP flooring everywhere except the kitchen, and made sure this couple was well taken care of.



Basement Drywall (Medford, NY)

From the finishing touches down to the beginning stages, everything is important. We were called in to close up an unfinished basement, this room and two others with a hallway, and on these big projects it's important to stay efficient. In and out in 4 days, paint ready, we knocked it out of the park. 


Bathroom into Laundry Room (Huntington, NY)

We took a bathroom from an 120 year old home and turned it into a brand new, modernized laundry room. You never know what can of worms you're going to open up in these old homes, but we handled everything this house threw at us and the turn around is spectacular.

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